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 Autumn 2016

We were fortunate to be awarded one of the Tesco Bags for Life grants to enable us to renovate two of the very overgrown and weed-bound herbaceous beds and the Council then provided the extra funding needed to enable us the do the same work on the third bed.   All this work was undertaken over our three autumn mornings, although contractors did the digging out work and replacing with new topsoil.  

The work to put a new planting scheme together for all three beds was done by one of our volunteers and a great many of us were involved with the re-planting.

The next task is to keep the beds free of the pernicious weeds as some of the bindweed has, probably inevitably, reappeared in the herbaceous bed that was replanted in 2014.  We are fortunate to have a great volunteer team, but are always keen to have more..........



February 2016

 Votes needed for Tesco Bags for Life grant to the Walled Garden in Ravenscourt Park

The volunteer group the Friends of the Walled Garden in Ravenscourt Park is to be awarded a Tesco Bags for Life Grant to enable them to undertake a project to do at least some, and maybe even all, the clearing and replanting of three very over-grown and weed-bound herbaceous flower beds.

They have been chosen to receive one of three grants of differing amounts but which one will depend on people visiting  Tesco stores in Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush and Fulham during the period 27 February to 9 March.   Customers on each visit will be given a
token to allocate to one of the three projects of their choice.   If the Walled Garden project gets the most tokens they will be able to get the work done on all three flower beds, if they get the fewest tokens they will only receive sufficient funding to do two of
the beds.

So get visiting your local Tesco from next Saturday and visit often…………….   It will not be known until then what other schemes the Walled Garden project will be competing against.

These grants come from the 5p charge for carrier bags which was introduced last year.   Tesco are going to award six such grants each year in each of their 427 regions for environmental projects by voluntary groups which have a public benefit.

September and October 2015

We have received a generous donation from a local resident which enabled us to plant 280 daffodil and crocus bulbs into the newly replanted herbaceous bed which we look forward to seeing in flower next Spring.  We were also able to put some small irises and autumn crocus into the four small beds around the sundial.

July 2015

The first summer of our newly planted herbaceous bed - still three more to go.....

December 2014

We ended 2014 on a real frosty but sunny winter morning.  It was all looking very beautiful with a sprinkling of white on everything.   This somewhat limited what we were able to do but at least we were able to do some cutting back and tidying to leave the garden looking neat and tidy before our return in February 2015.

October 2014

Instead of the usual weeding or pruning, we were replanting the first of the four herbaceous beds which had been cleared for bindweed treatment.   The plants were chosen from original planting schemes by the Council parks staff and some of the Friends.   300 new plants were put in on one morning, and rain even arrived as we were nearing the end of our task in order to settle the plants into their new home!

The finished planting and the team


We will start work to completely empty this next bed of plants - and bindweed - as soon as the funds are found to do so.

February 2014

We have a busy morning ahead: the replacement lavenders  for  the central area have been purchased as well
as some salvias and grasses to fill in some of the gaps – in order to use the remaining WREF sundial grant.  We also need to
decide, and move, any plants that we feel need to be rescued from two more of the big herbaceous beds as these will, hopefully,
be dug out during March.   So let’s hope for a decent morning – and lots of you free to come!

Discussions are taking place with Council officers re the new planting plan for the empty herbaceous bed, aiming to
reinstate many of the plants that we know were in these beds in the 1950s.   This bed will, again hopefully, be filled
with new earth ready for planting on our April morning.

Our first morning started the year well with sunshine helping with the tidying up – cutting back shrubs and wisteria and raking out leaves from the beds.  It was all looking good by the end of the morning.

February 2013

The Council has now confirmed that funding is in place to start a four year cycle to try and clear the bindweed in
the herbaceous beds.   One of the four beds will be cleared each year and the plants and earth taken out for the bed
to be left fallow for a year and then the following spring re-filled with fresh earth and replanted.   The project will
start very soon with the back right hand bed.  
Before all that happens, we need to rescue some of the plants in that bed, for example the peonies, and replant them in other beds (once we have checked the roots for bindweed!) where we can find a space.  This is what we shall be doing next Saturday so hope to see you.  

The following year another bed will have the same treatment and rescued plants can be transferred along with new plants
into the first bed.   A planting scheme will be put together over the next year to aim to provide more year-round
interest in these beds.

January 2012 Newsletter

Happy New Year – and nearly time to be back in the walled garden and preparing for spring to be on its way.   We hope that the weather will not be so cold as the weather forecasters are threatening and that we can meet up again this coming Saturday 4th February at 10.30am

With the remarkable mild winter we have had so far and with a break of a couple of months since we were last in the garden there is likely to be lots to do.

November 2011 Newsletter
We had a great morning last time we were in the garden – a lovely sunny day and lots done, particularly because our numbers were swelled by a great group of students from Imperial College.  Lots of cutting back, hoe-ing and pruning the box bushes.   We hope they enjoyed their morning and will come again!

July 2010 Newsletter
Ravenscourt Park has been awarded Green Flag status for 2010 – the second year in a row. The flag pole has now been moved to near the Bull Gate on the corner of King Street and we hope the flag will fly proudly there. The walled garden plays a major part in the judges’ visit to the park – and a lot of questions were asked by them as to our part in looking after this very special garden. So all we do in the garden is important in maintaining and improving it! The usual reminders: Although we have tools - do bring your own gloves or secateurs if you have them. But come anyway if you haven’t any or know nothing about gardening – we’ll show you what to do. Everyone is welcome and our group ranges in age from just a few years old (who must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult) through to many in their ‘riper years’. And remember to bring coffee, water, biscuits (whatever you wish or can) for our mid morning 10 minute break Please too continue to put the word around about our work in the walled garden – just once a month for us – the more we are, the more we can achieve – and the more new local people we can get to know. Angela Clarke July 2010