About us

The Friends of the Walled Garden was established in September 2002, part of an ambitious project undertaken in conjunction with the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and the Ravenscourt Society. The scheme was spearheaded by Earthwatch Millennium Award winner Angela Clarke, who felt that the Scented Walled Garden had been neglected for too long and was not revealing its true potential as a valuable asset for the local community.

Situated in the north east corner of Ravenscourt Park, next to the Paddenswick Road entrance, the Scented Walled Garden would originally have been the walled kitchen garden of the house, called Ravenscourt, which later became a public library and was unfortunately bombed during World War Two.

The garden is laid out in a traditional Victorian symetrical design with rose beds and rose arches and exotic herbacious beds featuring yuccas, giant poppies, irises and gunnera. It is bordered below the wall with shrubs whilst scented plants such as lavender and honeysuckle make it a real treat for the nose as well as the eyes. 

If you are interested in volunteering and meeting other local people as well as contributing to your community, the Calendar page details all the monthly meetings for the coming year (don't worry you don't have to commit yourself to all of them, just come along whenever you can). Alternatively phone the Friends' organiser, Angela Clarke on 020 8748 0284

A great deal of successful work has already been done in restoring the garden to its former glory. From a little-used and overgrown tangle of weeds, it has been transformed into a beautiful area which local people are now flocking back to.  Do feel free to come and join us if you can.